• Ukraine Vector Pack 6 Several Images

The color combination yellow and blue is the national color of the Ukraine. The color light blue stands for the sky and the color golden yellow for the wheat fields of the country.
Ukraine occupies a large part of what is commonly called Eastern Europe and, apart from the Eurasian Russia, it is the largest state in Europe. More than 600 000 km² make up a diversified piece of East European plain bordering Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. In order to cross the Ukraine from north to south, from Prypiat to the Crimea, it is necessary to travel almost 900 km in a straight line, from east to west, from the Central Russian Ridge to the Carpathians, it is more than 1300 km.

Ukraine Vector Pack Description

This set includes the following file formats
- 6 х AI, 6 х EPS, 6 х SVG, 6 х PNG (300 DPI)
- Transparent

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Ukraine Vector Pack 6 Several Images

Formats: Vectors and Rasters
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